Business Intelligence Solutions

At Encore, we help businesses visually represent their data, analyze it and make decisions. Our BI and Data Analytics professional team is dedicated to offer solutions to clients using sustainable technologies. We exhibit a relentless passion to work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and build a customized solution for them.

Industries we work with..


Supply Chain &  Distribution

Warehouse Management



Data Analytics

Our objective is to simplify data analytics for use in Decision Support Systems. We help in collecting huge amounts of data, then transform that data into intelligable information that can be used for daily decisions within clients’ operations.  Our data architects help provide customized solutions for data management in a traditional warehouse or in big data clusters. Encore’s data analysis and management team uses quantitative and qualitative techniques like R, Python, data science for extractoin, categorization and analysis. Encore also offers a comprehensive service to organizations so they can examine their data sets and draw useful conclusions about the information within.

Business Intelligence

Encore’s BI solutions provide a visualization tool to manage large volume and a variety of data at faster speeds. Elixir is is fully scalable and accomodates a big data ecosystem. Encore BI experts work with the clients to develop a strategy, deploy the solution then train users and help clients to establish a strong competitive foothold.